The Pandemic and the consequential global lockdown has been particularly harsh for the poor and the marginalised. 

The needs are huge and our resources are meagre in comparison. 

Till 23rd April 2020 we had been able to arrange packed rations (comprising rice, lentil, soyabin nuggets, oil, potatos, special nutrition supplement “nutrimix” provided by CINI India and soap) for 2800 families in 10 blocks of Purulia district. These are 

1) Para Block – 917 Families

2) Jaipur – 200 Families

3) Baghmundi Block – 300 Families

4) Aarsha Block – 25 Families

5) Jhalda 1 Block – 45 Families

6) Jhalda 2 Block – 180 Families

7) Purulia -1 Block – 750 Families 

8) Hura Block – 100 Families

9) Manbazar 1 Block – 250 Families

10) Balarampur Block – 33 Families

We have been supported by quite a few individuals and organizations. We would like to acknowledge our indebtedness to all of them. 

Dr. Samir Chaudhuri of CINI Community Intiative has enriched our ration packs with adequate quantity of Special nutrition supplrment for children and pregnant and lactating mothers. 

Shree Vinayak Lohani of Parivar has also donated liberally for Nanritam’s relief programme. 

All members of the Nanritam team residing in our campus at Barandanga, irrespective of their rank and status are sharing in this labour. 

Senior doctors with high level of specialization, highly qualified teachers of our school, nurses and paramedics who keep our hospital running alomg with those who work in the campus’ kitchen and tend the garden and guard the gates….have joined hands together irrespective of their rank and status, to keep the relief operation running. 

That’s the spirit of our guiding figure, Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj and those who had inspired him, The Holy Mother Sarada Devi, Lord Sri Ramakrishna and Swami.Vivekananda. 

We are getting ready for our next phase relief work. We will reach out aprox 3500 family in this phase by Mother’s grace. 

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